This is a city like any other…

It has bustling traffic, successful businesses, a gorgeous skyline and an underworld of crime that can rival any other metropolis. Like other cities, it has a rich history hundreds of years past. But unlike other cities, this place was built on darker foundations, with a secret beyond comprehension and its immigrants come here with a more sinister purpose in mind. Its secret comes from the deepest depths of the darkest mythologies, a secret that man has cowered from for millennia.

Remember that monster that used to live under your bed?

This is its home town.

Welcome to a place enshrouded in darkness, in mystery. A place where magic exists and where the very night itself seems to stalk you.

Welcome to a place where demons live and the dead walk. A place where vampires hunt and people with extraordinary abilities are called to their destinies.

Welcome to a place where every choice has a consequence. A place where every path leads to a new fate, where every dark corner might mean an untimely death.

Welcome to a place where monsters are real.

Welcome to Ambrose, North Carolina.

We hope you enjoy your stay…

The Ambrose Chronicles

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