Tadakatsu Honda

Dead, murdered by his own party


Todd’s fragile psyche was well on it’s way to splintering personallities. Unfortunately, it never had a chance to happen. If there is a spirit world, Todd would do everything he could to make the rest of T.J’s life as miserable as possible. He does not hold a grudge against Nick, the only thing he feels there is confusion. As far as Herman goes, Todd felt strangely protective, like that of a younger brother.


History of Tadakatsu Honda

Tadakatsu or Todd to his friends is a first generation Japanese American. His father came to the US in his work with the Japanese embassy. While there he met and later married the woman who would be Todd’s mother. Todd’s father possesses an incredible work ethics, and a sense of duty. While Todd has not fully embraced this philosophy, he was raised this way. Naturally inquisitive Todd found himself in trouble more than a few times simply because he was curious. His namesake as his father would tell him has great honor, as he is named after a great Japanese general. Todd’s natural curiosity led him to hunt down any information he could on his namesake and decided it was pretty cool to be named after such a hero. (Todd’s fanciful imagination sometimes carries him away as he imagines himself THE Tadakatsu.) A very difficult time in Todd’s life came when his mother died of cancer when he was twelve. This was incredibly hard on Todd as he was very close to his mother. His father was always the picture of discipline and duty, while his mother was nurturing and caring. Todd doesn’t hold any kind of grudge, as he knows this is just his father’s way. Todd and his father did the best they could. His mother was always the glue that held the family together, she cushion between the two strong willed men of the house. This prompted Todd learning the martial arts, as this was one thing the two of them could do together without any friction. It wasn’t a perfect situation, but it worked. Truth be told, Todd took to martial arts well. In fact at the age of 14, Todd and his father took 3rd place at the regional setting for pairs. A fact of which his father is very pleased. The small trophy is prominently displayed on the mantle in his father’s home. Between father and son there is a great deal of respect, but communication is not something they have ever excelled at.

Todd’s interest lie in the past. That of course led to his pursuit of a History Major. Todd may not be the most intellectual, but he makes up for that fact with determination. When he decides it’s worth the effort. Short and skinny, the only real asset Todd has is his natural agility. He has always had nimbleness and grace. Frequently managing to finesse things when brute force didn’t work out. Todd isn’t incredibly strong, but he is working on that. With his martial arts training (which he truly loves) and some more strength conditioning he hopes to make it to finals this year.

To describe Todd’s personality you would have had to known his mother. Quick to joke and laugh. He could have perhaps gotten better grades in school, but he grew tired of being picked on about being the smart Jap kid. Todd loves to play a good practical joke on people, but all of his friends have grown to be wary when he gets that “look” in his eyes.


Sadaka Honda (Father)
Very honorable, Duty driven

Jack Wells (Neighbor)
Big! 6’4” and Muscular, the Jock
Jack is a good friend of Todd’s. Being neighbors as kids almost guarantees that. Jack enjoys any physical sport, and usually whops Todd whenever they play. (Except basketball!) Good natured and friendly, the two of them always get along famously. Jack is best known for his role in the high school football team, playing as ROLB. Jack always laughs and says he’ll probably be living those days forever in his head like an old has been. Jack is currently attending the local Tech school for automotive repair. The two of them still see each other weekly and work out together.

Gina Davis (School mate)
Gina could be best described as Todd’s archenemy. She is also enrolled in History, and it just seems to come so easily to her. She comes from a rich family, so while Todd has to work his way through school, she just asks daddy for more money. While Todd hates everything she stands for he can’t help but admire her natural curves and long black hair.

Will Franks (Nickname: Specter, friend)
The geek. Name something geeky, he’s experienced it.
Will is quiet, shy, and diminutive. Hence his nickname, Specter. Named because people wouldn’t know it if he was in the same class or not. Todd’s natural charisma and not talking down to Will made the two fast friends. Will rarely says anything loudly around other people, but will talk animatedly about things he loves when away from the “norms”. Will has slowly come out of his shell, mostly due to Todd. He also says he can relax more now that he’s in a school not surrounded by idiots. Will and Jack are friends, even though Will will never play tackle football with him, and Jack hasn’t a clue what the flux capacitor was.

Professor Wellington (History Teacher)
Sensei Matsu (Martial Arts teacher)

Tadakatsu Honda

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