Nickolis Dayson

Expert Mechanic and Driver


- gender Male – - age 25 – - height 5’ 10" – - weight 135lb – - eyes blue w/gold – - hair black -

his look-

While Nick keeps himself clean, it is hard to find him without engine grease under his fingernails and a bit of oil smudged on his face or neck.

Because of work and his hobby all his clothes are dark in color. With a closer inspection one might find that he is actually wearing a white shirt that was badly stained with oil.
On any given day of the year you will find him wearing a black shirt, dark genes, and his motorcycle jacket. Nick has found a pair of black boots that is tough but allows for maximum flexibility.
His skin is fair because of the outdoor nature of his hobby. On sunny days he wears his helmet or his dark shades.

His hair is jet black. Even darker because of the engine oil that gets rubbed threw it. It hangs down to the point of his nose and constantly falls into his face.

the Current Story

After being tricked by Wickland, Nick is now trapped in the pathway spell. The challenge is to live until the end and stay out of Carsone’s hands.

Current Vehicle N/A
short background-

Birthday – November 5th

Throughout his years the Dayson’s never understood their son Nickolis. A quiet individual he has always preferred the company of engines over humans.

Even as a child he was more interested in playing with matchbox cars then with his peers. In high school he only stood out in the school’s mechanics class. Afterwords he moved on to a Technical college and got his Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering. After college he moved to the city to work at a well know car repair shop. He keeps little contact with his parents and any friends he has are at work.

Nick has had several girlfriends over the years, however these women have always had problems sharing him with his vehicles. He has yet to find a woman who shares his interest in mechanics.

his domain-

Nick lives in a warehouse that has been modified into cheap apartments. Its concrete floors and cinder block walls would be uncomfortable to most, but for Nickolis it is home. The room is largely filled with his equipment, supplies and tools. There is a small kitchen and bathroom in the corners, and his bed is a small cot.

The walls are thick enough that he can do all his mechanical work on his motorcycle. The old freight elevator is strong enough for Nick to ride up to his level with his bike; tho the other inhabitants of the complex have never ridden with him.

Nick learned early on that a messy shop inefficient, so he keeps a clean shop(/home). Everything is organized, neat, and clean.

his rides-

Nickolis is an expert mechanic; able to repair, modify, or upgrade any vehicle on the streets. Not only is he exceptionally good at it, but he has a driving thirst to do so. Even if he has recently finished working on a vehicle he jumps to the next project.

His exacting personality doesn’t extend to other people’s vehicles… unless he is going to drive them. While he may enjoy looking at an exceptionally fine car, he won’t cut people down over it’s flaws. In the shop he as much a machine as the ones he works on. If a fellow mechanic asks his opinion or asks him for help he will tell it straight, as long as it is mechanical in nature.
He has recently finished building a Kawasaki motorcycle. It is the most extensive overhaul he has created yet. During his work on the bike he has owned two other cars.

the collisions-

Nickolis is an amazing mechanic and equally an excellent driver. He loves the feeling of adrenalin, the smell of burning rubber, and the purr of an accelerating engine. Because of this he has been pulled over for speeding a number of times.

Because of his skill, he has never caused a collision. However people on the road these days seem to be rather bad drivers. To the present he has been in 8 collisions, none of them small. He has experienced everything from his car being crushed in around him; To having his car somersault through the air.

An amazing fact about all these collisions is his lack of injury. In one case he actually got out of his car and bought coffee before the police came. In another, the firefighters had to use “the Jaws of Life” to cut him out of the car, only to find him unblemished and annoyed at the loss of his new car.

make & model year color Collision that killed it
Ford Mustang 1974 blue The brakes on a conversion-van fail at a light, the van takes the car’s trunk and a wheel off. Mustang flips onto its hood.
Ford Mustang 1966 red Drunk driver crosses the yellow line in the night causing a head on collision.
Ford Mustang 1965 grey A boat that’s being towed comes off its trailer, skids up an exit ramp at 65mph and hits the mustang.
Firebird 1970 red w/white stripe In the winter, he swerves to avoid a child running after its ball. After hitting another car, the firebird flips 4 ½ times down the street past a cop car.
Monti Carlo 1970 blue On the highway the car skids on black ice, spins out, and wrecks into an exit ramp.
Stingray 1973 green w/white stripe Rear-ended at a yellow light by a guy who was doing 50.
Firebird 1970 black w/firebird hood A guy high on drugs and speeding in the city, T-bones the car and then runs away. Nick gets a coffee while he waits for cops.
Ford Mustang GT 2006 black The second day of owning the car, on the highway… the driver of an 18-wheeler falls asleep at the wheel. The truck crushes the car into the concrete wall and then threw a guard rail into a ditch, where it falls over onto the car. Jaws of life where use to remove Nick.
Kawasaki Ninja zx -10r “”" class=“wiki-content-link”>Alita" 2008 Metallic Diablo Black Blown up with a rag in the gas tank and a flare.

Nickolis Dayson

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