Max Heartman

A PI who has been pulled into a swirling mess.


How does one describe Max? Well here’s what we know about Max. He is a personal investigator that has learned that humans aren’t the only sentint thing here on Earth. Being a PI in Detroit was a decent enough living, but he wanted to learn more about the paranormal. Exploiting the greater Michigan area library was only going to go so far! Fast forward to Ambrose, a suppossed hot bed of Paranormal activity, less than a month in town and Ignatius breaks into his apartment.(we mean by pulling the door OFF it’s hinges) Anyway it turns out Iggy Pop (Max’s less than affectionate name for Ignatius) was trying to right some spellcraft gone awry, and decided threatening Max was the way to get it done. Max hasn’t forgotten this little encounter, though they both work for the same side. The rest of the party did things the proper way, with money. Since then Max has been caught up in the wierdness that surrounds the party.

Max has a particular weakness for the finer things in life. Something the party takes advantage of FAR too often!

Max Heartman

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